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We do supply food ingredients; we are great because our priority is being a team with you.

We answer fast to all requests; we help the producers with the goods and prompt information; we do always fair trade.

What makes us special?

  • Supplying good products with good prices from experienced producers and deliver to your door is our job.

  • We research for a fair shipping price on every project.

  • We provide accurate information.

  • We are transparent and fast on our job.

  • We consider carbon footprint. As a European supplier company, we supply food ingredients from Europe or nearby origin for the European food industry.

Our Mission

To respond to the needs of the manufacturers, to serve in a way that will increase their working quality, to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Vision

To take more part in the European market, to increase our awareness with our fast and high-quality service and fair-trade understanding

What services do we provide you?

Supplying flavors and colorant for new developments

Matching of existing flavors and colorants

Rework of existing flavors to natural version

Rework of existing flavors to solve technical issues or for new labeling needs

Supplying raw materials or ingredients for food and beverage production

Non-GMO food ingredients: Assorted natural ingredients showcasing purity and quality in food production.

Our products do not contain any

Genetically Modified Organisms.

BRC food certification seal: Representing excellence and safety in food industry standards.

For our colorants and glazing agents

Halal certification seal: Ensuring adherence to religious dietary guidelines and quality standards.

Possible for some of products

Kosher certification seal: Ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance in food products.

Possible for some

of products

FSSC 22000 certification seal: Signifying top-tier food safety and quality assurance standards.

Product specifications with the the conformity to the EC Reg. 1334/2008.  *For flavors and fragrances.

Dried fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Свържете се с нас

We're always looking for new and exciting projects.

Let's connect and work together!

Varna / Bulgaria    +359 89 335 2696

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