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Licorice Root

We offer the licorice root one of the highest quality in the world. It has a very high glycyrrhizic acid content. Which makes her one of the best. Our licorice root is ideal for herbal tea and to produce an extract that is used for confectionery, beverages, etc.

Licorice (or in another name "liquorice") has the healing properties, effects on human organs, as well as ways to use licorice root for medicinal purposes. Licorice root was compared uniquely with ginseng root. Currently, licorice root is widely used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetology, food, the tobacco industry, in the production of drinks and sweets. It is an excellent sugar substitute and flavoring agent.

Our product types listed below are offered

for sale on a 20 foot or 40 feet container basis.

  • Crushed Licorice Root

  • Licorice Root Stick

    • 1-3 cm

    • 4 cm

    • 15 cm

  • Pressed Bales

licorice root
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